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Dark Mode - Night Eye
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Dark Mode - Night Eye
Dark Mode - Night Eye
Dark Mode - Night Eye
Dark Mode - Night Eye
Dark Mode - Night Eye

Transform Your Browsing Experience with Night Eye Chrome Extension

Imagine the convenience of being able to switch any website you visit between dark mode and light mode with just a click. This is exactly what Night Eye, a popular Chrome extension , offers to its users. As an experienced SEO specialist who spends a significant amount of time browsing the web, I can confidently say that Night Eye has revolutionized the way I interact with websites.

The Power of Dark Mode

Dark mode has gained immense popularity in recent years, and for good reason. With Night Eye, you can effortlessly transform the appearance of any website into a sleek and eye-friendly dark theme. Whether you're browsing late at night or simply prefer a more visually appealing interface, Night Eye's dark mode ensures a seamless and comfortable experience. It reduces strain on the eyes and minimizes the disruptive glow emitted by bright screens.

Seamless Transition to Light Mode

While dark mode is a game-changer, there are instances where a light mode may be more suitable. Night Eye understands this and provides users with the option to effortlessly switch back to a light theme. With just a single click, you can toggle between dark and light modes, ensuring optimal visibility and readability, regardless of the website you're visiting.

Rave Reviews and High Ratings

Night Eye has gained a stellar reputation among users, and it's no surprise given its impressive average rating of 4.26 out of 5. This Chrome extension has been praised for its reliability, ease of use, and its ability to transform websites without distorting their original design. Countless users have expressed their satisfaction with Night Eye's ability to protect their eyes while enhancing their browsing experience.

Enhancing Every Website You Visit

What sets Night Eye apart from other similar extensions is its ability to make every website you visit more visually appealing and comfortable to navigate. Whether you're browsing news articles, shopping online, or even scrolling through social media, Night Eye's powerful technology adapts the colors and contrast of each website to reduce eye strain and improve readability.

Add Night Eye to Your Browsing Arsenal

After using Night Eye for a significant period of time, I can confidently say that it has become an indispensable tool in my browsing arsenal. Switching between dark mode and light mode has not only protected my eyes, but it has also improved my overall browsing experience. With its rave reviews, high ratings, and user-friendly interface, Night Eye is undoubtedly the go-to Chrome extension for transforming the appearance of any website.

1737 reviews
30 Reviews For This Extension

Amazing tool. Does EXACTLY what you want it to do and is customizable.

Yunus Emre

Some websites are so white when I open up one of them without night eye activated I feel like my room is flashbanged by SWAT teams and I being rioted.

Mario Capellari

Great product! Works as advertised and I had no problems using it with Google Docs, Sheets, etc... A+!


Great product, lifesaver if you work in the nights like i do


My eyes are thanking you!

Adam Kay

Great tool love using it in my day to day but dontbelieve its worth the cost

Longshot Longshot

My eyes used to be tired all the time. This has been a game changer. Thank you Night eye for making my life better.

Eva Hangartner

Great extension! I am visually impaired and this works seamlessly 95% of the time. The extension doesn't recognize when a picture of text can be inverted, which would also be a great feature (e.g., a picture of a black chart on a white background) One constructive feedback: the extension doesn't always invert the panel behind comments on Google Docs, especially on pageless view. It is also glitchy when I open a cell on Google Sheets. Highly recommend though!

Ömər Mustafayev


Cael Madrid

I love how everything turned dark as how I liked it. Now I can browse, play and work at night without harming my eyes. I highly recommend this app!

Łukasz Mazurek

Only extension i tried that doesnt have any problems with images, certain websites, inversion etc. It's perfect.

Peggy Sharon Go Chua

this is what I've been looking for!! I have astigmatism and bright screen really hampers my productivity. Now that I have this extension, i can work so much better!!!!


best dark mode extension i've found, much easier to use and works better than others i've tried


I like spending a lot of time on Instagram, but I never knew I can enable dark on it. Now that I use Instagram dark mode


no more eye strain from extended period of looking at the screen. :D

vara fouroneone

This extension has cured my eye strain headaches. THANK YOU!

jorge troncoso

Probably the best application for dark mode, as colors are displayed carefully to follow the original color palette. Moreover, it also works with PDF files and other common file extensions, including the Google environment (sheets, docs, etc.).

Sarah Christens

New to the app, but so far, it is saving my eyeballs and helping me sleep better! Surprising how many websites do not have dark mode options. Best app I've tried!

Pinchaco Jones

NightEye is by far the best dark mode app I found. Easy to disable for old website which do not handle dark mode. I strongly recommend to try it before any other dark mode app.

Nemiea Tempest

Awesome app with automatic dark mode! A must have for students trying to save their eyes some pain.

Taylor Hembree

I don't think I could back to anything else! I have been using the free version for now, but would consider $9/year to continue using.

Diogo Gouveia

Superb extension. Wish it was built in the browser.

Stevan Zdravkovic

Absolutely mind blowing extension. From a get go its working perfectly. Didn't need to bother with setup since its already top tier product. Dont waste time trying out other ones, get this one and make job done! Your eyes will be grateful!

Roshaan Sohail

Dark Mode Night Eye is a total game-changer! Quick setup, customizable, and a relief for my eyes during late-night browsing. It's the must-have extension for a seamless and comfortable online experience.

Kristina Cassandra Tawat

This is a really great app. It helps me stay on my laptop for hours and my eyes are comfortable when reading because of it. It's hard to have long hours of screen time when you have poor eyes, astigmatism, and lazy eye, but with Night Eye, you can be on screen with comfort and less strain on your eyes.

Emrah Çelik

It's a great app. My eyes are resting all the time when I work. They give 3 months plus way more free to use. That's exactly what I was looking for and now considering to purchase it for a year.


Great app but works only 3 months for free.


Don't be fooled. They give you 3 months free, then you have to pay for even the most basic features.

Levi Duhaime

Great app

Jian Costa

Amazon shopping has never been better with dark mode on

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